The seas of Salento

    Destinations and attractions:Lecce, Le Cesine nature reserve, Grotta della Poesia, Sant'Andrea, Baia dei Turchi, Otranto, Santa Maria di Leuca, Porto Selvaggio, Gallipoli, Manduria, Otranto, Bauxite caves, Porto Cesareo, Porto Selvaggio.

    Tour dates:

    - from the 25th to the 30th of August;

    - from the 1st to the 6th of September;

    - from the 8th to the 13th of September.

    6 days / 5 nights

    890€ per person from 5 to 7 people

    750€ per person from 8 to 12 people

    Extra per single room: 150 euro

    I Mari del Salento is a cycling tour aimed to discover the 20 most beautiful beaches in the deep south of Puglia, the area of Salento. The route has been crafted for cycling enthusiasts, even those who are not super expert, a unique experience of its kind to savor all the beauties that Salento has to offer.

    Your vacation begins now, among spectacular nature reserves, white towns and Caribbean-like beaches, we are sure you will never want to go home.

    The route is structured for a total length of 300 km and divided into 5 stages.

    What you will see

    Experience your bike trip along the sea routes, from the Adriatic Sea to the Ionian Sea, from rocky to sandy beaches, all unique and wonderful. We will take you to unforgettable places! You will enjoy the crystal clear sea of Baia dei Turchi and the unspoiled natural reserves of Porto Selvaggio and Sant'Andrea. Get ready to enjoy the sun, the sea and the breeze of Puglia to the fullest!

    The pleasure of a Bike Tour with the support of local, bicycle and fun experts

    Our package includes a digital map, technical assistance to the bicycle and information on the most spectacular points of interest. This experience will make you explore Salento in complete safety, in good company and with the support of experts in organizing cycling tours.

    To make you fully enjoy your Cycling Tour in Puglia, we want you to experience it like a local because we share with you what we first love and do when we are on vacation. We don't like to plan every minute, which is why we also leave space for your time: to visit a local monument, a street food stall, a chance meeting.

  • Cycling tour inspired by: Ediciclo Guide
  • Photo copyright: Roberto Rocca

  • What's included
    • 6 days bike rental with puncture kit and bags, insurance.
    • 6 days cycle guide and technical assistance for bikes.
    • 5 nights in typical accommodation with breakfast in double room.
    • 1 digital map of the itinerary.
    What's NOT included
    • Lunches and dinners.
    • Flights, man ce for guides, entrance fees to museums or other attractions, fuel, fines, tourist tax, other expenses not mentioned in the section "WHAT'S INCLUDED".

    DAY 1 - Pleasure to meet you - Welcome Day - Lecce

    Arrival in Lecce at the bike station, collection of bicycles equipped with travel bags and safety kit, transfer to the accommodation, convivial dinner and sharing the track and of the points of interest that we are going to visit with the group.

    DAY 2 - Let's go! - Lecce > Otranto

    We move to the coast to visit the wild beach of the Le Cesine Nature Reserve, we continue our journey and then dive into the natural pool of the Grotta della Poesia, at the end of the day one last swim in Torre Sant'Andrea, home of the reggae, where the rhythms of Jamaica meet the seas of Salento.

  • Starting point: Lecce
  • Arrival point: Otranto
  • Length: 58 km
  • Difference in altitude: +310 / - 359 M surface
  • Road: 80% asphalt, 20% dirt

  • Points of interest:
  • - Le Cesine Nature Reserve,
  • - a dip in Sant'Andrea and stop at Baia dei Turchi.
  • Included: accommodation and breakfast.

    DAY 3 - New Round New Sea - Otranto > Santa Maria di Leuca

    Welcome to the Ionian Sea! Punta Palascìa is the most eastern point of Italy, we leave the Adriatic Sea behind to dive into prehistory. Baia delle Orte is one of the wildest beaches of Salento far from mass tourism, impossible to miss for a cycling traveler like you. Even the cave of Bauxite hides an unparalleled charm, you will feel like you are on Mars!

  • Starting point: Otranto
  • Arrival point: Santa Maria di Leuca
  • Length: 61,9 km
  • Altitude difference: +836 / -795 M surface
  • Road: 90% asphalt, 10% dirt

  • Points of interest:
  • - baia delle Orte,
  • - Porto Badisco,
  • - Grotta Zinzulusa,
  • - Acquaviva,
  • - Marina Serra,
  • - Ciolo.
  • Included: traditional accommodation and breakfast.

    DAY 4 - Further south from! - Santa Maria di Leuca > Gallipoli

    In this section the landscapes are a succession of wonders, the beaches are jewels set on the sea, the bike is the perfect way to visit them all without losing anything of what Salento has to offer you. Gallipoli is the city of nightlife par excellence but also an area that hides unspoiled landscapes such as Baia Verde with its emerald green sea.

  • Starting point: Santa Maria di Leuca
  • Arrival point: Gallipoli
  • Length: 61,1 km
  • Difference in altitude: +296 / - 341 M
  • Road: 80% asphalt, 20% dirt

  • Points of interest:
  • - San Gregorio,
  • - Surface Pesculuse,
  • - Baia Verde,
  • - Purità beach.
  • Included: traditional accommodation and breakfast.

    DAY 5 - Terra Rossa, Clear Sea - Gallipoli > Manduria

    Porto Selvaggio, a name a warranty. The bay is characterized by wooded areas, red earth and crystal clear sea, here the beach is really wild, to access the sea you can choose between easily accessible coves and those a little more inaccessible. The area is characterized by a source of very cold water that mixes with the sea. The rest? I will reveal it to you during our ride.

  • Starting point: Gallipoli
  • Arrival point: Manduria
  • Length: 75,5 km
  • Altitude difference: +512 / - 439 M surface
  • Road: 90% asphalt, 10% dirt

  • Points of interest:
  • - Porto Selvaggio,
  • - Baia di Uluzzo,
  • - Palude del Capitano,
  • - Punta Prosciutto,
  • - Salina dei Monaci.
  • Included: accommodation and breakfast.

    DAY 6 - Terra Salentina - Manduria > Lecce

    Change scenery! we leave the sea to immerse ourselves in the Salento hinterland, between country roads and tratturelli we meet small villages where life flows slowly like that of a bicycle traveler, impossible not to take a break in some bar for a Leccese coffee before getting back on the saddle at a time di Lecce.

  • Starting point: Manduria
  • Arrival point: Lecce
  • Length: 54,5 km
  • Difference in altitude: +213 / - 244 M
  • Road: 90% asphalt, 10% dirt

  • Points of interest:
  • - Archaeological Park Fonte Pliniano (ticket not included),
  • - San Pancrazio Salentino,
  • - Cappella Madonna del Latte.
  • Included: accommodation and breakfast.

    Booking conditions

    PAYMENT CONDITIONS: 30% upon confirmation, 70% 15 days before arrival.

    CANCELLATION POLICY: 40 refund % up to 16 days before arrival, no refund 15 days before arrival.