True Blue Italy Style

True Blue Italy – the new generation

Founded in 2009, True Blue Italy leaves behind the traditional ways of working and goes forward in a new, modern way that shows a ‘human face’ and a smart approach to the tourism industry. It allows its clients to experience real life in Italy, the sights and sounds of this beautiful country in a dynamic and efficient way.

True Blue Italy is evolving

True Blue Italy sees high customer satisfaction, excellent services rendered, and the lives of its employees and collaborators as the most important aspects of its business. The employees and collaborators are the people who make clients happy. They are the self-employed tourism professionals, travel agencies, accommodation providers, restaurateurs and staff, tour guides and couriers, farmers and all those people behind the scenes; they are the creators of new concepts and sustainable quality tourism.

A company with strong creative and organisational skills

True Blue Italy only employs the best. People who have a passion for their work, who take it seriously, work tirelessly and creatively to give all their clients the very best experience; whether that be businesses’ or individuals.

Autonomy, readiness, and team spirit are essential requirements for employees.

Each employee of True Blue Italy:

  • Will produce work that is well planned and of high quality
  • Will be responsible in their role
  • Will demonstrate autonomy in managing and implementing their work
  • Will guarantee highly organised work, offering a high level of satisfaction to their customers
  • Will integrate as part of a dynamic team. Cooperation and insight are essential qualities