The Colosseum, Roman and Imperial Forums, Palatine Hill

The Colosseum, Roman and Imperial Forums, Palatine Hill

Death as a show in the heart of the Roman Empire.

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Rome's Colosseum

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    • An experience away from standard ‘ordinary’ tours.
    • Only licensed guides, both fun and experienced.
    • The tour is private and fully customisable.
    • Skip the line.
    • Sights visited: the Colosseum, Roman and Imperial Forums, the Palatine Hill.
    • Meeting point: a central location in Rome.

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    • Entrance fees to the visited sights are not included in the subtotal. Please make sure you add the right number of entry tickets before you book! Reduced tickets are available for EU citizens aged 18-25. The tickets are free (with a mandatory service charge) for children under the age of 18.
  • See something that Julius Caesar, Augustus and Nero never saw, the largest Roman Amphitheater ever built, and the only one dedicated to the people of Rome – the Colosseum. Built in only ten years thanks to a simple trick, the Colosseum was the dream of Emperor Vespasian. The trick was something engineers repeated endlessly and something they could create perfectly - an arch. Yes, the Colosseum is a series of arches and was so well done that we can still see it today, almost 2000 years after its construction.

    Follow your guide inside the most famous “Arena of Death” in the world.

    Be impressed when you learn that during the celebrations of Trajan’s victory over the Dacians the Colosseum remained in use for 120 days, and during that time 11,000 wild beasts and 10,000 gladiators were killed.

    Find out about the ‘scripts’ the showmen used, from simple ones like beast vs. gladiator fighting, or death by fire, to spectacular scenes following a mythological story (the flight of Icarus, myth of Prometheus, legend of Minotaur). The Romans also did something that nobody else had ever done before – they performed an execution during a show. You may already be familiar with the Colosseum, but during this tour, you will come to know even more about the terrifying history of this splendid amphitheater.

    Climb the Palatine Hill, where Romulus and Remus (the founders of Rome) were suckled by a she-wolf, and where the traces of the city’s first settlements were found. Later it became the symbol of power in Rome. It was home to emperors, covered by imperial residences, sumptuous palaces and grandiose mansions.

    Discover the official seat of the spirit of Rome, the Roman Forum and the Imperial Forums.

    Originally a marshy and insalubrious area used to bury the dead of the first inhabitants of the city, nobody could ever have imagined that two centuries later the center of political, religious and business life would all be here. This area became the Roman Forum.

    At the end of the Republican era the Roman Forum was insufficient to administer the whole Empire, so Julius Cesar built another one. That however, was just the beginning. In less than 150 years, another five Imperial Forums were built adjacent to the oldest one.

    Almost intact at the end of the medieval period, the forums were stripped and demolished in a matter of days during the 16th century on the orders of Julius II. Thousands of people protested, amongst them Michelangelo and Rafael, but it made no difference. What you can see today are just the ruins, but using your imagination and helped by our guide, you can still take a captivating walk amidst what was once the heart of the Roman Empire.

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