Why not Calabria!

Why not Calabria! I returned to my origins to my homeland. Join me, follow my journey, what was waiting for me at the southern part of Italy, at the toe of the boot was an untouched heaven on earth.

Why not Calabria, why not return to my origins. I was born in Calabria Italy, when I was 16 months old together with my parents both of calabrese origins we emigrated to Toronto, Canada. At the age of 22 after I graduated in Interior Design I decided to return to my home land, to my origins. I grew up with fascinating, unique stories about Calabria, curiosity and a growing love towards her made me decide. Why not! And I must add that I do not regret for one single instant my decision and am truly and completely happy. I do believe that I would choose her over and over again, because what was waiting for me in the southern part of Italy at the toe of the boot, was an untouched heaven on earth, a surprising Calabria.

If you have not heard of Calabria or its true mediterranean essence, heard of its beauty, nature, mountains, valleys, its coast line, its food, people and its history, please do follow me, I will take you into its heart and soul. Join me on this journey, travel with me as a local and I promise you that you will not regret it, as I did not by choosing her. Calabria’s simplicity, its humbleness, natural beauty and its history will surprise and fascinate you. You can also enjoy this region by taking the Calabria tour which can be found in the travel web site.

When God found himself with 15000 km of violet clay, he decided to create his masterpiece, and Calabria was born from that clay. She is surrounded and embraced by the gorgeous Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas. Kissed by a warm gentle sun gifting it with a mild climate, protected by the Gods. A land where legends begin, a place influenced with Greek mythology. Where hundreds of miles of coastline with its turquoise waters and blue sky meet becoming one.

Here is where it all began, a land with a magnetic charm to it, where the wind carries with it the wild perfume of its Mediterranean coast line. Its high mountains, glorious cliffs, picturesque fishing villages, and mouth watering Mediterranean cuisine make this land, a region that is complete. From Calabria’s Tyrrhenian coast one’s eyes cannot help but wonder, where else are you able to find Sicily, the Aeolian Islands, and the powerful magnificence of the volcanic island of Stromboli, commonly called by our elders “Iddu”, on the horizon line. He gifts you with, unbelievable, unique and romantic sunsets. You will truly believe that angels work their magic playing with their paint brushs, colouring the sky creating a breathtaking masterpiece, that can only be seen from our coast.

Stories, legends, history all here in an untouched region. Everything starts to look different to me, my curiosity but most of all my love for Calabria and wanting to learn more a challenge. My imagination starts to run wild, she was waiting for me to look inside of her, just like looking into a treasure chest. What mystery does she hold, so why not Calabria? Because of her geographical position in the center of the Mediterranean, her destiny was already written as a land of passage and meeting ground for many populations that arrived from different places in the world. The ancient Greeks found her fascinating so they decide to land on its shores and base their colonies which became very rich and powerful, so much so that she was called “Magna Grecia”.

Are you enjoying this as much as I am? As I continue to listen to the stories that are narrated to me I am wanting to learn more, how much more interesting can she get? Here is, as you would say the cherry on the cake. Aristotole and Antioco narrate that the name Italia, was given to the legendary king Italo’s first kingdom, which believe or not was Calabria. Unbelievable, my countries name Italia was born in my homeland. Wow, this is going to be one fascinating interesting journey, that I do hope you will enjoy by following me.

Incredible scenery, 780 km of a stunning coast line, mountains and valleys where mother nature worships all she created, towns and villages each unique, each fascinating, so rich full of history, so many populations traveled on its land and left their influences, a Mediterranean cuisine that is like no other, its people so welcoming, always ready with open arms to embrace all that come. For all these reasons my decision was a wise one, why not her, she’s surprising Calabria and she is absolutely complete!

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